Getting Started


Every candidate we represent completes the Predictive Fit Profiler™ questionnaire as part of their assessment.

The questionnaire is administered online, making it possible to log in wherever and whenever most convenient for you.

Completion takes about 30-45 minutes but doing it in one sitting is optional. Once finished, the candidate receives a system-generated PDF report with unique results

Language used in the questionnaire, as well as the report, is easy to follow and doesn’t require any specialist interpretation skills.

What are the major benefits?

  • We want to challenge assumptions
  • Discover more about yourself
  • Deeper dive into what motivates you
  • Matching you to industries and clients better than our competitors
  • We get to know you better

Click here to log in and complete the questionnaire



We want to help our clients to make smart, long term decisions, ultimately reducing recruitment spend.

To measure a candidate against your existing employees, we can take Predictive Fit Profiler™ a step further.

We ask you to select 5-10 employees from your company or team whom you consider to be high-performing culture-carriers to complete the questionnaire

They log in and complete it at their convenience, just as a candidate would. Their responses are then aggregated to provide a true reflection of your team’s cultural identity, and outlook.

This aggregate is then used to size up any potential hire and give you confidence in your decisions.

What are the major benefits?

  • Not only will you be able to spot a candidate who’s right for the job, but also for the team
  • You will learn more about your teams perceived identity
  • You will learn more about your teams motivations and how well you are meeting them
  • More insight into the candidate prior to interview, highlighting areas to probe
  • Better recruitment decisions now will save time and money in the future