Predictive Fit Profiler

At the start of our journey we spent time gathering insight from our clients and candidates on what really mattered to them when recruiting a new hire, or finding a new role.

You told us that “fit” between clients and candidates was one of the most essential, yet overlooked, parts of the recruitment process. The better recruiters often simply had a better instinct for this. So we challenged ourselves – “What could we do to add more rigour to how “fit” is assessed?

After more research and support from the world of academia, consulting and occupational psychology we have created an online questionnaire which every candidate we meet and represent completes.


This interactive questionnaire has been developed using the very latest thinking. Our vision is simple: to ensure the best possible fit between our candidates and clients. That’s why we’re adding this extra layer of expertise to our recruitment process.

For candidates, their custom report gives them more insight into their own personality and preferences, and therefore the types of businesses that they may be best suited to. For clients, we provide the unique candidate report at the first interview stage, highlighting aspects of the candidate’s personality that a CV simply doesn’t, which can then be probed further at interview stage.

Our Predictive Fit Profiler™ is split into four major sections:

1. Personality profile

2. Integrative complexity

3. Cultural compatibility

4. Motivations


Please click on the link to find out more about the academic stuff

Please click on this link to see a sample report

Generally, sitting the questionnaire takes about 30-45min. You will be answering a mixture of questions (multiple choice, scaled, open-ended, etc.). There is no need to complete the survey in one go: you can log off at any point and continue later.
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