Meet the Team

 I am Jon Newman

Hailing from across the Pond, I came to the UK to escape the drop-bear epidemic in Australia. With a huge customer service (mostly hospitality) background with a bit of sales experience, a career in recruitment made sense. So here I am! I joined Trace at the start of 2017, now working with the Financial Services team.

5 Facts About Jon

  1. I am the most accident prone person ever, I don’t think I’ve made it through a year without a broken bone, a torn ligament or a bad concussion.
  2. I am 100% a dog person, I think cats are evil.
  3. Marmite repulses me,  Vegemite blows it away without question.
  4. I’m a big sports fan, Basketball and Aussie rules are my main games. Tried a bit of rugby this year, didn’t go so well – see fact number 1.
  5. My years working In bars and restaurants has left with a solid appreciation of good food and drink


Tel: 020 7042 8423

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